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Creators of G.S.Glowerkz.

We bring joy and excitement in people, through creating exquisite and colorful glow-in-the-dark patches, beads and gears.

Many people asked us, “How did we do it?”

Ever since we were kids, we love to create things with our hands . All these years of dismantling and fixing anything mechanical, has helped us hone the ability to visualize and gain easy understanding on how things work.

Our focus is to create original gears & gadget designs and at the same time, keeping it fun yet practical.

We are also a glow-in-the-dark fanatic. Our designs are incorporated with illuminations. Our love for creation has led us create some of the most beautiful, custom-made patches and beads. We’ll match our energy to every custom patch we create for each customer.

The CREATIVITY of the mind is LIMITLESS so why HATE when you can CREATE.

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