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Cyber Geisha Rei Katsumi
$40.00 SGD

*Made from new type resin that will not warp.
**Every piece are hand made & slight imperfection will be visible due to unpredictable characteristics of resin, do purchase with caution.
***Please do not place resin patch in direct sunlight for prolong period of time or slight discoloration will be visible.

Tips: Light scratches or marks on resin patch surface can removed by heating surface with jet lighter.

Size approx 70mm x 60mm x 3.5 mm
Velcro backed


GITD hex patch of my imaginary fictional character code name "REI" a youngest member from the clan "Shiro Kitsune" (white fox), a cyborg geisha who lives in a dystopian future city known as Neon-Kai, where towering skyscrapers pierce the polluted skies and neon lights flicker in the darkness. The city is divided into territories controlled by ruthless gangs and warlords, each vying for power and resources in a lawless urban sprawl.

Character Details:

Name: Rei Katsumi aka "REI"
Height: 172cm
Weight: 60kg
DOB: 27 June 2107
Clan: Shiro Kitsune (white fox)

Appearance: REI’s face is a serene mask of beauty, don in a satin white kimono patterned with pink peonies and adorned with subtle cybernetic enhancements. Her eyes, glowing in the dark with a haunting aqua blue light and pure silvery white hairs are a reminder of her dual nature.

Abilities: Enhanced agility, strength, and sensory perception. REI can blend into the shadows, her movements silent and precise. Her cybernetic implants allow her to hack systems, communicate covertly, and perform feats beyond human capability.

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